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Hisham Alshaer

Dr. Alshaer is a Scientist at Toronto Rehab. He is dedicated to developing innovative medical instrumentation to reduce cost and improve access and reliability of medical practice. He has led the development of a medical device, BresoDx—a portable, cordless device for home diagnosis of sleep apnea, which is currently available in the market.

He is an author of 60 scholarly papers, conference abstracts, and patents describing his work, focused on medical instrumentation and artificial intelligence for diagnosis of sleep apnea, COPD, and management of pressure ulcers.

Alshaer will expand his research to developing new tools for quick diagnosis of sleep apnea in outpatient settings. This will dramatically facilitate diagnosis and timely access to treatment. Additionally, he will pave the guide other researchers towards translating their inventions to useful commercial products.

  • Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
  • University Health Network
  • sleep apnea
  • machine learning
  • biomedical instrumentation