MSBEST aims to develop comprehensive systematic reviews in multiple sclerosis rehabilitation to inform evidence-based care and improve the lives of people living with MS.

The MSBEST (Multiple Sclerosis Best Evidence-Based Strategies and Treatment/Therapies for Rehabilitation) project consists of a series of systematic reviews of the literature on topics in MS care and rehabilitation.

A group of researchers and clinicians in North America with expertise in MS rehabilitation initiated MSBEST. The website provides a comprehensive summary of the research, in addition to clinicians' guidance about appropriate care and rehabilitation for people living with MS. Topic reviews are freely accessible as online modules.

The MSBEST modules help translate research findings into practice, however further strategies are needed. The MSBEST leadership team in partnership with MS Canada hosted a knowledge mobilization summit in 2023, engaging experts and key stakeholders to develop knowledge mobilization priorities for MS rehabilitation. A key priority identified from the summit was the need to create an MS Rehabilitation Best Practice Guideline. The work of the MBSEST team and the next MSBEST modules will be conducted in view of this priority.

The MSBEST team would like to thank The Ralph M. Barford Foundation for their ongoing support. We would also like to acknowledge the Collaboration of Rehabilitation Research Evidence group (CORRE), the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine, the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation.