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8th Annual Concussion Research Symposium

The Canadian Concussion Centre (CCC) began in 2010 and was Canada’s first multi-dimensional concussion treatment and research centre. The CCC now encompasses four main concussion programs led by a team of seven clinicians and principal Investigators, and includes a multidisciplinary staff of clinicians, researchers, trainees and graduate students. An external advisory Board to the CCC has been in place since the beginning composed of community leaders, clinicians, philanthropists, and some former patients.

The CCC is based mainly at the Krembil Brain Institute at the University Health Network's Toronto Western Hospital. The seven clinicians and principal Investigators are internationally recognized concussion experts and world leaders in brain injury, cognition, imaging, neurodegenerative disorders, pain and mental health working together to improve the diagnosis and treatment of concussions. The CCC aims to enhance understanding and knowledge of the full spectrum of concussion disorders with a specific focus on postconcussion syndrome (PCS), and other major consequences of concussion, such as depression and anxiety and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). At present, the latter condition can only be diagnosed post-mortem. Our MISSION is to identify who is at risk for developing this delayed neurodegenerative disorder associated with multiple concussions, an essential first step in our mission to develop treatment. In summary, we aim to develop mechanism-based treatments to prevent or minimize the enduring effects of multiple concussions.