Kite Research Spotlight

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The KITE Research Spotlight showcases the latest research from world leaders in complex rehabilitation science. Their research guides the development of new treatments, devices and products as well as changes to policy that will ultimately improve the lives of people living with the effects of disability, illness and aging.

Investigating The Effectiveness of AI Driven Virtual Rehab At Home

The results of this paper will ultimately help improve accessibility to care for those living with the effects of disability, injury and aging.

Despite increasing research on AI in virtual rehabilitation, its application in real-world settings for people living in the community remains minimally explored. – Dr. Shehroz Khan

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High-Intensity Interval Training Could Drastically Improve Cardiorespiratory Health For Stroke Patients

This paper, for the first time, identifies the benefits of a novel type of exercise training that more than doubles the improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness level.

High-intensity intervals resulted in more than a two-fold significant and clinically important greater change in cardiorespiratory fitness. – Dr. Susan Marzolini

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Use Of Non-Invasive Breathing Device To Alleviate Obstructive And Central Sleep Apnea Improves Quality Of Life

Findings published in Lancet Respiratory Medicine should help cardiologists worldwide update heart failure treatment guidelines.

In those with central sleep apnea, treatment tended to improve survival. – Dr. Douglas Bradley

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