This Is Kite

This Is KITE is a new storytelling series that aims to excite and inspire audiences as well showcase the Institute’s people, discoveries and impressive range of research. The campaign will feature monthly stories and videos that chronicle key projects under KITE’s three pillars of research: Prevention, Restoration of Function, and Independent Living/Community Integration.

How the Apple Watch could boost heart health

KITE Senior Scientist Dr. Paul Oh is leading a study investigating how the Apple Watch could advance cardiac rehab.

Especially after graduating from cardiac rehab, a lot of people are craving the extra monitoring and knowing that we at the cardiac rehab centre are connected with them in some way.
– Lisa Cotie

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Linking to the future

The LIFEspan clinic helps young adults with neurological and physical challenges transition into adulthood.

Without LIFEspan, I’d be dead in the water.
– Kosta Pachneris

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Exploring the mysteries of motion sickness

KITE’s PerceptionLab is driving critical research in motion sickness and virtual reality.

The more I learned about it, the more I noticed how complicated it is, how complex it is, how multifaceted it is, and how many different variables are at play — and that I found really interesting.
– Dr. Behrang Keshavarz

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Hard to swallow

KITE Senior Scientist Prof. Catriona Steele is helping put the pleasure back in eating for patients with dysphagia.

I can’t think of a rite of passage that doesn’t involve eating together or drinking together.
– Prof. Catroina Steele

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The Connector

Groundbreaking collaboration between UHN and UofT aims to accelerate the transition of cutting-edge technology research into practical applications.

In five years this collaboration between KITE and UofT will have 200-plus scientists attached to it, a ridiculous number of graduate students and an influx of philanthropic cash.
– Dr. Milos R. Popovic

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KITE celebrates fifth birthday with introduction of new storytelling series

This Is KITE aims to excite and inspire audiences while showcasing the Institute’s people, discoveries and research.

The launch of this campaign signifies that we have reached a significant milestone. We have achieved liftoff, we have pierced the atmosphere and we are now cruising in a new orbit.
– Dr. Milos R. Popovic

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