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Launch of Clinical Research Record (CRR) at KITE - Info Session

We will be holding an information session on the launch of the Clinical Research Record (CRR) at the KITE-Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. This session will focus on learning about the following:

  1.  What is CRR?
  2. How does CRR protect UHN patients that are also participating in research?
  3. How do I obtain an account to access CRR?
  4. What happens when an interventional study is automatically transferred from CAPCR to CRR?
  5. How do I manually add a study to CRR?
  6. How do I request an account to access EPR?
  7. How is CRR linked to the Patient Incident Reporting System?

Plan to attend this session so that you can be prepared to use CRR to enhance patient safety when participating in research and how to manage the enrolment on your research studies. Please RSVP to Sophia Li (yue.li@uhn.ca) to receive the Zoom meeting information.