Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi appointed director of Fabric Based Research Platform

The Fabric Based Research Platform (FIBRE) is thrilled to share that Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi has been appointed to the position of Director.  

Dr. Yadollahi is a Senior Scientist at KITE and an Associate Professor at the Institute Biomedical Engineering (BME) at University of Toronto. She replaces KITE Director Dr. Milos R. Popovic, who was recently appointed Director of BME.

“I have full confidence that Dr. Yadollahi is the most qualified person to deliver on the mission of FIBRE, which is to make care accessible to all people through the use of technology, by designing, introducing, and integrating smart textiles across the healthcare system,” said Dr. Popovic.

“Dr. Yadollahi has been a passionate supporter of FIBRE since day one. I am certain everyone in the FIBRE universe will soon see that she brings a wealth of experience, expertise and fresh ideas to this position.”

Dr. Yadollahi leads SleepdB, the first sound-proof sleep laboratory in Canada and is the Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Cardiorespiratory Engineering. Her research focus is on improving chronic respiratory disorders during sleep, such as sleep apnea and nocturnal asthma. This includes discovering novel physiological mechanisms that narrow the airways during sleep and makes breathing hard or impossible. She is also developing and commercializing wearable technologies for improved diagnosis and treatment of chronic respiratory disorder.

FIBRE is a first of its kind academic research platform in the field of textile-based wearable technologies. Its goal is to become the world’s leading research platform for developing and commercializing smart wearable health technologies. Medical wearables have the potential to monitor patient health remotely, restore function, allow partner industries to reach and exceed their potential and provide the ability to treat patients in isolated locations who have limited access to resources.