I AM KITE PROFILE: Andrew Turner

Monthly features to profile the talent at KITE

When Institute Director Dr. Milos R. Popovic introduced the KITE Research Institute to the world two years ago, he had one goal – to redefine and broaden the rehab-specific perception of our work. 

The I AM KITE campaign, launched in January, pays tribute to the diverse up-and-coming talent at KITE who are making a huge impact in the world of rehab science. 

Today we introduce KITE Operations Lead, Andrew Turner. He works to ensure that all operations at KITE run smoothly. For the past year, Andrew has also been the lead of our research restart team with a focus on making sure staff and researchers return to work safely. 


Name: Andrew Turner
Role: KITE Operations Lead
Date joined: January 2020 

After a career in systems engineering, project management and engineering management in the aerospace world, Andrew joined the KITE Research Institute as our operations lead in January 2020.

He is no stranger to simulators like to the ones we have in the CEAL facility below ground level. Before joining KITE, he led teams that developed aircraft and naval training simulators for Air Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, the U.S. Navy and other international navies.  

In his current role, he oversees the Institute’s core facilities, labs, Rate My Treads program operation and business development. A year ago, Andrew also became the KITE restart team lead, ensuring that staff and scientists return to work safely as the pandemic continues. 

Putting his career in aerospace behind, Andrew decided to pursue something more fulfilling. “No opportunities came close to meeting my criteria for a career change until a friend told me about the important work that KITE does using simulators as part of physical rehabilitation and falls prevention research,” he says.

“My mother is in her 90's now and the importance of falls prevention really hits home with me because of the disproportional impact something as simple as a fall can have on her. I was initially hesitant to take the position because it was a big change late in my career, but meeting the staff and scientists and learning more about the fantastic work at KITE made the change an easy decision.” 

It doesn’t end here, however. Our labs and research are one thing – our culture is another. When asked what Andrew loves most about his job, he acknowledged his colleagues and the people he works with on a regular basis. “Everyone is supportive, empathetic and passionate about the work that they do. It is a privilege to be part of an organization that is doing such beneficial work in rehabilitation science.  I am always learning new things about research and our research projects. New experiences were becoming rare in my career, until now.” 

“The I AM KITE video is really engaging. I think it does a fantastic job of quickly showcasing the institute’s capabilities, talented people and innovative labs,” he says.

In his spare time, Andrew likes to read and work on electronics.