ICAIR: A Showcase for the Future of Rehab

KITE to host International Conference on Aging, Innovation and Rehabilitation in 2023

The KITE Research Institute announced today that it will host some of the world’s leading academics, scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs and other experts in the field of rehab at the inaugural International Conference on Aging, Innovation and Rehabilitation (ICAIR) in Toronto next spring.

The goal of the ICAIR organizing committee is to accelerate the translation of research into practice and foster much needed in-person collaboration between researchers, clinicians and innovators following almost three years of pandemic restrictions.

The one-of-its-kind conference will take place at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on May 8, 2023 showcasing recent milestones and accomplishments, success stories, research findings and the development of emerging and breakthrough technologies. 

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The organizing committee hopes that ICAIR becomes the go-to international conference for anyone working in the rehab and age tech fields, including health care leaders, policymakers, politicians, investors, academics, clinicians, researchers, scientists. ICAIR is poised to become the preeminent international conference destination for researchers, academics, students, entrepreneurs and other innovators where research and academic success stories can be shared and relationships fostered across disciplines in an environment that encourages cross-pollination of communication and ideas.

The schedule of events includes keynote remarks, TED-talk style programs, poster viewing and judging, elevator pitch sessions and an entrepreneurial pitch competition that includes sizeable monetary prizes. KITE invites all those invested in the future of health care and rehabilitation medicine and science to attend.


Aging: Treatments for Pain and Physical Decline; Promotion of Mobility; Support of Independent Living; Study of Disease Areas; Investigation of Illness and Frailty; Examination of Dementia and Memory; Study of Neural and Physical Decline; Falls and Injury Prevention

Innovation: Identification of New Technologies; Neuromodulation and Brain Tech (implants/interfaces); Innovative Designs and the Development of Wearable Technologies and Smart Textiles; Robotic Systems; Robotics for Therapy, Social Interaction and Care; Artificial Intelligence; Disruptive Technologies and Business Models; Fostering Invention; Research Commercialization; Drug Discovery for Neuro, Muscular and Bone Diseases

Rehabilitation: Telerehabilitation/Virtual Care; Restoration of Function; Prevention of Injury and Infection; Deployment of New Treatments; Promotion of Independence; Advocacy of Reintegration and Active Living; Improvement in Pediatric, Geriatric, Musculoskeletal and Cardiac Care; Improved Participation; Treatment of Age-Related Diseases (Neurodegeneration, Arthritis)

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