Sharon Gabison

Dr. Sharon Gabison is currently the Hallisey Affiliate Scientist. Her research in spinal cord injury and pressure injuries (also known as “bed sores”) along with her clinical background as a Physical Therapist has led to her interest in the development of technology and tools to prevent pressure injuries.

Dr. Gabison earned her PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Toronto while she studied the relationships between trunk function, pressure offloading and tissue health in individuals with spinal cord injury. As part of her PhD, she developed a novel ultrasound imaging protocol for tissue health assessment.

Her current research projects for pressure injury prevention include 1) testing the PrIME (Pressure Injury Management and Education) system in the home and long-term care environments, 2) Understanding the educational needs of individuals and their caregivers as it relates to pressure injury prevention and management, 3) Developing smart based textiles to mitigate the effects of immobility and 4) Developing of a modified Braden Scale for caregivers 

Dr. Gabison has also been involved in the development of Pressure Ulcer Target, a novel educational App for individuals living with Spinal Cord Injury at risk of developing Pressure Injuries.

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  • Assistant Professor
  • Affiliate Scientist
  • Supporting individuals living with pressure injuries and their caregivers who support them through technologies