Tatyana Mollayeva KITE

I obtained my Medical Degree in Preventive Medicine from I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, the oldest and the most prestigious medical university in the former Soviet Union. Subsequently, I completed a specialization in Epidemiology and Public Health at the Turkmen State Medical University, and my decade-long practice was in the field of infectious disease prevention, with duties involved investigation of infectious disease outbreaks, development of working preventive frameworks in public health policy, serving as an epidemiologist for the urban and indigenous settings in Turkmenistan. 

In late 2003, my family and I immigrated to Canada. Here, I obtained specialization in polysomnography and started to work at the Toronto Western Hospital Sleep and Alertness Clinic. During 2007-2010 I also worked for  the Manulife Financial as a long-term disability case manager. In 2015, I obtained PhD at the University of Toronto, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute and Collaborative Program in Neuroscience, and completed the Work Disability Prevention Program at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. My PhD and post-doctoral research programs were externally funded by competitive national and international awards and grants including the Banting and Best Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the National Institutes of Health, and the Alzheimer’s Association among others.

I have established myself as an innovative and multidisciplinary researcher on topic of neurological disorders and injuries at the international level. I have successfully worked with researchers across disciplines, worked with clinicians and research participants in clinical settings, and conducted work with large administrative health databases stored at the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences. To date, I have 60 peer-reviewed publications and ten books‘ chapters, with several under review. These publications concern prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, and Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and their consequences. 

Through my years of service in a number of roles and disciplines within clinical, public health, disability and academic settings, I developed strong interpersonal and communications skills. I am committed to population and public health promotion and prevention initiatives, and to focusing on health and disease from a range of disciplinary perspectives. I am highly dedicated to disseminating knowledge and mentoring trainees across a broad range of professional and research-based programs. My contributions have been recognized internationally by 2015 Deborah L. Wilkerson Early Career Award from the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2017 Elio Lugaresi Award for Education from the World Sleep Congress and 2019 Robert D. Voogt North America Brain Injury Society Founders Award.

Contact Me

  • Affiliate Scientist, KITE-Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health Network, ON, Canada
  • Instructor, HLTD22H3 Y, Special Topics in Health: Sleep Structure, Function and Pathology, Interdisciplinary Centre for Health and Society, University of Toronto Scarborough, Scarborough, ON, Canada
  • Assistant Professor (Status), Department of Epidemiology, Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Graduate Faculty Member, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, ON, Canada
  • central nervous system trauma, dementia, sleep disorders, prevention, rehabilitation, health promotion, research methods