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Join Dene Artist Lisa Boivin for a visually interactive Rehab Rounds. Lisa uses the Indigenous methodology of collage to respond to the dearth of Indigenous content in rehabilitation science. While there is, literature revealing clinical barriers caused by colonialism, intergenerational trauma and a lack of cultural safety it is incomplete because it does not offer strength-based narratives that authentically reflect the identity of Indigenous people. Lisa will confront some of the colonial clinical problems that arise in rehabilitation and offer Indigenous teachings to resolve them.


Lisa Boivin is a member of the Deninu Kue First Nation in Northwest Territories. She is an interdisciplinary artist and a healthcare educator. Lisa is the first Indigenous student to be enrolled in the Doctoral Stream at the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute at University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. She is writing and painting an arts-based thesis on Indigenous perspectives of wellness and the disabling effects of colonialism. She uses digital paintings as a pedagogical tool to address the colonial barriers Indigenous patients navigate in the current healthcare system. Lisa strives to humanize clinical medicine as she situates her arts-based practice in the Indigenous continuum of passing knowledge through images.


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